H|R Recruitment and Executive Search

Recruiting and hiring just the right person for a key position can be a time consuming process, which requires weeks and sometimes months of placing ads, reviewing dozens of resumes and interviewing candidates. And, with the market full of so many candidates it can be difficult to find the perfect candidate for your requirement because the skill shortage is still significant.

Even when you make your decision on a candidate, you may have doubts about whether you have made the right choice. A|Squared Legal Group can save you valuable time and take much of the guess work out of hiring the right person by either performing the entire search for you or by writing the descriptions, determine appropriate compensation levels, recruit qualified job candidates, prepare effective internet postings, write newspaper/trade publication advertisements, check references negotiate job offers, interview and or test candidates.

Contact A|Squared Legal Group for all of your human resources needs.  We will assist your business with the an H|R starter kit, H|R day-to-day management.