Strategies for Recruitment

Employees are your greatest asset! They are directly related to your profitability.  The following are some of the recruitment strategies a business can utilize to attract, hire, and retain the right person for the right jobs:

  • Create a positive image of your business
  • Utilize employees as their competitive advantage
  • Write a job description for each position you need to fill
  • Align job descriptions to company’s strategic goals and mission
  • Perform job analysis to ensure that job descriptions aligns with job responsibilities (ADA compliant, non-discriminatory)
  • Ensure job advertisements are non-discriminatory
  •  Avoid unlawful questions in the job application
  • Ensure to obtain job applicant’s signature for authorization to conduct background and reference checks
  • Be consistent in interview process and recruitment strategyRemember, employees are your greatest asset! They can be directly related to your profitability.
  •  Hire applicants that can “hit the ground running”