Business Owners: Get Ready!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics this year, 2015, millennials will become the workforce's new majority, and by 2030, this group will represent 75% of the workforce.  

Although millennials are becoming a dynamic component of the labor force, companies are having difficulty bringing them on board and keeping them pleased for long-term.  According to a recent Elance-o Desk and Millennial Branding survey, more than 50% of surveyed Generation X hiring managers stated that they are struggling to find and retain millennial talent.

A recent Inc. article outlined five “resolutions” businesses can implement to address this new hiring surge:

  • Forego the traditional paper applications and implement a more dynamic and pleasant way to apply to your company
  • Embrace social recruitment by attracting candidates to your website and social media outlet(s).  Also, referrals from current employees provide a great source for candidates, too.
  • Go mobile to ensure that your job postings are optimized for candidate that are constantly on the go.
  • Make hiring a team sport because it is imperative that your current employees mesh well with their future co-worker/teammate for the overall success of the company.
  • Approach hiring in ways similar to marketing campaigns due to the competitive nature of recruitment this year by selling your company and it’s values to the applicable candidates. 

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