Employment and labor related laws constantly change which requires the constant attention of employers, training managers and employees to comply with these laws. These changes of laws and regulations also require that your personnel policies and practices remain up-to-date to minimize legal risk. A|Squared Legal Group offers proactive strategies to handle legally sensitive situations, avoid litigation and foster productive and efficient workplaces.

Our training courses are interactive with an emphasis on participant involvements. Employers build confidence and skills they need to handle human resources issues within their organization as they learn basic legal concepts. Through interactive training activities, managers will learn such skills as how to respond appropriately to employee complaints, take disciplinary action, and deal with terminations, as well as other employment situations. We offer a variety of established training programs for employers.

In addition to employer training, we also provide its clients with comprehensive audits of labor and employment policies and practices. Our goal is help our clients identify potential liability and design policies and practices to minimize legal risk.

Employer training

Our employer training programs are designed to equip management team's with the knowledge and practical skills they need to effectively handle legally sensitive situations, avoid litigation, and foster positive and productive working environments

LITIGATION why managers need training

  • Well-trained managers are better able to avoid litigation;

  • Even if litigation occurs, an effective training program is highly recommended to avoid or limit ultimate liability;

  • Training can lead to a more positive and productive work environment; and

  • It’s the Right Thing to Do!

what a|squared offers

A|Squared Legal Group's training programs are staffed by practicing attorneys who deal with employment law every day. We currently offer training sessions in a number of areas, including the following:

  • Preventing Workplace Violence;

  • Managing Lawfully in a Union Setting;

  • Preventing Harassment in the Workplace;

  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace; and

  • Managing Lawfully When Employees With Disabilities Are Involved.

We also develop customized programs to meet the specific needs of your organization on any labor and employment topic of interest.


Through comprehensive audits of labor and employment policies and practices, A|Squared Legal Group identifies potential sources of liability and will design policies and practices to minimize legal risk while effectively managing human resources. We work closely with our clients to understand their business and tailor policies, practices and procedures to address their particular workplace challenges.

Our attorneys perform labor and employment audits for unionized and non-unionized employers, large and small, in the public and private sectors, covering areas such as:

  • Wage and hour law;

  • Employee benefits;

  • Equal opportunity employment and harassment;

  • Leave rights;

  • Accommodation of disabilities;

  • Employee privacy;

  • Record-keeping and retention; and

  • Labor/management relations.

policy & plan reviews

In today’s workplace, well drafted, legally compliant policies and procedures are the first step to avoiding legal liability.  We provide our clients with "must have" policies such as anti-harassment policies, social media policies, Family & Medical Leave Act policies, and the like. A|Squared Legal Group also offers employee handbook reviews that are designed to insure that employee handbooks contain all legally required information, but do not contain statements that may increase an employer’s potential liability.

We do not craft policies in a vacuum, but work closely with our clients to capture the culture and unique needs of each organization. We emphasize the practical, eliminate "legalese" and focus on communicating what employees and managers need to know in order to limit an organization’s potential legal exposure while furthering its overall business objectives.


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