labor law

For private sector businesses, A|Squared Legal Group provides legal counseling in connection with both unionized and non-unionized employees. This includes advice on the legal methods of maintaining non-union status when employees are unrepresented, and helping employers conduct campaigns to their employees in proceedings and elections under the auspices of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) when a question concerning representation arises.

A|Squared Legal Group assists with NLRB proceedings, including all facets of unfair labor practice proceedings and requests for injunctive relief.

Once a union is in place, a collective bargaining agreement must be negotiated. We have negotiated collective bargaining agreements in diverse industries and composed of various size bargaining units. 

A|Squared Legal Group is skilled in all facets of the contract arbitration process, including disciplinary arbitrations. We guide our clients from the outset of the investigatory process, through witness preparation, the selection of appropriate arbitrators, trial, and post-hearing briefs.

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