Hiring for the Holidays

Seasonal employees can be a tremendous asset this time of year because they allow great flexibility and ensure consumer demand is met during the busy holiday season.  As a business owner, it is prudent to take precautionary measures in order to remain compliant with relevant labor and employment laws.  Therefore, I recommend keeping these important tips in mind:

  • While more seasonal employees understand that they are being hired for the holidays, it is still wise that their temporary employment status is reflected in writing.  Additionally, make it clear that they are an "at-will" employee meaning that as the owner, you have the legal right to terminate, with or without cause, anytime during the employment period.
  • Temporary employees have identical rights as your permanent employees when it comes to equal pay claims, sexual harassment lawsuits, and other employment related civil rights claims. To curtail unnecessary litigation, it is recommended that your temporary employee participate in an orientation detailing company policies/procedures and are in receipt of the employee handbook.  Upon reading the handbook, have the employee sign an acknowledgment form stating they will adhere and are bound by the policies stated in the handbook. 
  • Be mindful that the temporary employee will likely be exposed to confidential and proprietary information about your business - make sure a NDA is available for them to review and sign prior to employment.