Business Friends Forever?

Sometimes two (or more) people are needed to get a business going.  Unfortunately this arrangement does not always end well - not because of the business model but due to the partners not being able to work together as originally planned (which is why a partnership agreement is very important). 

The following is an excerpt from an Inc. article that details how two friends in NYC have been able to coexist and succeed as business partners in one of the most difficult industries, restaurants, for almost thirty years without a single argument(!):

If you had a succinct framework for helping others pick partners, what would it be?

You should make sure you have the following:

1. Different skill-sets.

2. Share the same core values. For example, a few of ours are trust, persistence and treating others well.

3. Ability to deeply respect the other person's skill-set.

4. Share the same leadership values and alignment with how you treat people.

5. Zero ego from both people.

Essentially, make sure you are similar as people and how you lead others, but have skill-sets that are opposites.

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