Impending Overtime Woes

An excerpt from the Inc. article by Suzanne Lucas addressing the affect the proposed change in overtime laws will have for Congress and their staff.  

Last summer the Department of Labor released a new proposal for a change in overtime laws. Significantly, regardless of job duties, employees will have to earn $50,440 per year before they can be considered exempt from overtime. The change hasn't been implemented yet (the proposed date is September 2016), but business owners are already in a panic.
Why? The previous threshold was only $23,660, so this throws a lot of jobs--an estimated five million, in fact--into the pot. This is a huge deal and will cause lots of problems for business owners and employees alike. Guess who just figured it out?

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Business Friends Forever?

Sometimes two (or more) people are needed to get a business going.  Unfortunately this arrangement does not always end well - not because of the business model but due to the partners not being able to work together.  

The following is an excerpt from an Inc. article that details how two friends in NYC have been able to coexist and succeed as business partners in one of the most difficult industries, restaurants, for almost thirty years without a single argument(!):

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Hiring Your First Employee

Congratulations!  After turning down opportunities for additional work and/or spreading yourself too think – it is now time for you to bring on anther person.  Transitioning from an entrepreneur to an employee may seem simple enough, but before signing that first paycheck there are several matters you must handle: legal obligations, liabilities, expenses, and paperwork. 

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