Safe Street Eats

Having recently relocated my office to downtown Detroit, I have thoroughly enjoyed the unique lunch options provided by a variety of food trucks at Campus Martius.  Food trucks have recently become popular not only in metro Detroit, but throughout the country.  However, some eaters may still be hesitant to patronize out of fear that these mobile trucks may result in an unclean and unsafe meal.

Fortunately, for owners and customers, recent studies have removed any doubt and/or hesitation regarding consumption of delectable street eats.

After reviewing over 260,000 food-safety inspection reports from 7 large American cities, researchers have determined that food trucks (and carts) are as safe and sanitary as traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants.  Researchers were able to make this determination because the cities chosen had universal health-codes and regulations for all food service businesses.  In fact, some of the food trucks were deemed safer than your neighborhood restaurant.  

So have no fear and enjoy some safe and delectable street eats!  Click here to learn more about this study. 

Source: safe-street-eats